Recognize that alcohol is the most
commonly used method for drug-facilitated
sexual assault. Be aware of your
surroundings when using alcohol. Learn
the warning signs (e.g. difficulty breathing,
nausea, disorientation).

Empower others to know it is not their fault and they can rise above the violation of sexual assault. They have the power to seek legal justice against the assailant and create a community that empowers survivors of sexual assault.

Speaking out against the injustice of
sexual assault whether you are a survivor or witness matters. You can help others find healing and support by sharing your story and resources.

We Will Support You Today!

Talk to the person you are concerned
might have been drugged and ask them if
you can stay with them or help them. Talk
to a police officer, security officer, or
bartender. Call 911 if you see anything
suspicious and don’t put your own safety
at risk.

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